On January 11th and 12th, the annual Geography Bee was held at Waterville Junior High.  Twenty-one students participated; they were the top scorers from their Social Studies classes. The Preliminary Competition was held on the first day.   

Participants were from Grade 6: Peter Butera, Bryce Dyer, Finn Kelly, John Nawfel, Nick Poulin, Madyson Tortorella, and JT Trenholm;

Grade 7: Keya Amundsen, Andrew Burton, Colette Carrillo, Andrei Llanto, William Jackson, Danica Serdjenian, and Sierra Wolfe;

Grade 8: Destiny Bragdon, Jay Brock, Brook Churchill, Owen Evans, Tahvin Gauthier, Sarah McNeil, Vincent Palmer.

Advancing to the Final Round were Keya Amundsen, Peter Butera, Colette Carillo, Owen Evans, William Jackson, Finn Kelly, Vincent Palmer, Nick Poulin, Danica Serdjenian, and Madyson Tortorella.   

And the winners were ....Runner-up6th grader, Finn Kelley, son of Sharon Corwin and Martin Kelly, and SCHOOL CHAMPION, 8th grader, Vincent Palmer, son of Jennifer Spencer.  

Vincent has taken an online qualifying test here at the Junior High and hopes to qualify for the State Geography Bee held in April.  

A special "thank you" to the following members of the "Bee Team" who did an outstanding job; Lisa Evans, Bee Mistress; Janeice Holmes and Mary Violette, Judges; and Cam Bishop, Timer and Scorekeeper.