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Alice Hammond, School Counselor

Samantha Delorie, School Social Worker

Janeice Holmes, Guidance Secretary

What is School Counseling?

School counseling is a service that is available to each and every student in the school. Counselors assist students with any personal or academic concerns they have which affect the student’s ability to focus on their schoolwork. We also serve as liaisons between students, teachers, parents, and community resources. Small counseling groups are formed throughout the year to address particular issues. In addition to seeing students on an as-needed basis, we also periodically deliver classroom lessons and arrange activities on a variety of topics that are pertinent to all students.

What issues are addressed through counseling?

School counselors help students with myriad issues, including:

*Academic achievement

*Organization/study skills

* Peer relations

* Stress

* Family changes

* Goal setting/career information

* Decision making

* Social skills

Students in middle school undergo more changes (physical, emotional, social and psychological) in these few years than any other time period (except for infancy). They often find they need help in coping with these changes.

However, school counseling services are short-term in nature and are not designed to take the place of mental health counseling. If you feel your child needs more in-depth services, we are happy to provide information about local mental/behavioral health providers.

How do students access school counseling services?

Students may self-refer by coming to the office to make an appointment.

Parents, teachers or administrators may request services.

Concerned friends of students may also seek assistance from us.

Release of Information Form

If your doctor would like teacher report forms filled out about your child, we need to have a signed copy of this form on file.