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Waterville Junior High Vision Statement

The Waterville Junior High School staff believes that each child is an individual and that emerging adolescence is a unique phase of child development.  The staff members agree that exploration, discovery, socialization, and direction occur in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.  The staff believes it must strive to reach and teach the whole child.  They accept a commitment to aid each student to grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

The staff recognizes the critical aspect of courtesy and the value of humor in building strong interpersonal relationships.  They recognize the destructive quality of prejudice and affirm their respect for all individual differences.  The staff members recognize the need to provide a climate in which students and adults are learners and the attitude for life-long learning is fostered.  This climate should encourage critical thinking, reasoned choices, freedom of expression, and the ability to accept the consequences of our decisions and behavior.  Staff members understand that a free and just society is dependent upon competency in the skills of good citizenship.  The staff recognizes the changing nature of the human community, the environment, and the world, and they strive to provide the skills needed to adapt and respond to their changes.

Waterville Schools Mission Statement

The mission of Waterville Public Schools is to help students attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to achieve personal fulfillment, be responsible citizens, do meaningful work, and pursue lifelong learning.

To achieve our mission our curriculum should provide all students with a foundation of knowledge, skills, and academic standards, along with opportunities to demonstrate and apply learning in varied ways across all curriculum areas.  Curriculum and program offerings provide opportunities for all students to realize their fullest potential and celebrate their worth.  Programs and activities should be challenging and promote and enhance students’ physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being.

Furthermore, we will strive to produce graduates who think critically and independently, adapt to new and changing situations, make appropriate choices, and act respectfully and responsibly.

We believe all employees of Waterville Public Schools should serve as models for students in helping them:

       * Demonstrate the ability to solve problems

       * Communicate clearly and effectively

       * Make responsible decisions as world citizens

       * Use technological resources to enhance their learning

       * Research, analyze, and apply information

       * Behave in a respectful and responsible manner

       * Appreciate world cultures and diversity

Waterville Public Schools is committed to working with parents and the community to provide the necessary leadership, resources, and support to accomplish our mission.

School Speech Contest

As part of our English Language Arts curriculum, students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participate in a school speech contest.  This year, students were asked to tell the story of an interesting landmark.  We are pleased to share that nine finalists participated in the school-level competition.  This event celebrates the power of the spoken word and showcases the remarkable talents of our young writers and orators. 

Public Speaking fosters confidence, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.  Congratulations to the grade-level contestants. 

These finalists went on to represent their school with dignity and grace.  All of the speeches were thought-provoking and showcased their hard work.  We are pleased to announce the following students for their outstanding performance in the 2024 School Speech Contest!

First Place:  Elias Karter (Catacombs of Paris)

Second Place:  Alexandria Lord (Great Barrier Reef)

Third Place: Sophia Bastey (Machu Picchu)

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 13 - ADAM Science Test

Monday, May 20 - NWEA Math Testing

Monday, May 20 - JH Concert (all ensembles) @ WSHS, 7-8 PM

Friday, May 24 - Staff In-Service, No School

Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day, No School

Thursday, May 30 - Art Show, Overflow Cafeteria, 5-7 PM

Thursday, June 6 - Music Concert for Students, TBA

Thursday, June 13 - 4th Quarter Ends

Monday, June 17 - 1/2 Day, Early Release (last day for students)

School Board Meetings

(Held at WSHS Media Center - All meetings start @ 6:00 PM)

Monday, June 10